Security Keyholding Ltd

Tel (24/7): 0333 207 0880

Vacant property inspections

Security Keyholding provides weekly property inspection reports of both commercial and residential properties throughout the Greater London area.

Checks include

General area information; regarding squatters or traveler occupation, physical checks of the sites perimeter protection, together with on-going reports on the overall condition of the grounds and the general build-up of rubbish or graffiti.

External checks are then conducted of all windows and doors, identifying any possible signs of entry. Internal checks are then made for any signs of structural or water damage, rodent or insect infestations.  Water systems are flushed to help control the build-up of legionella bacteria and utility supplies are checked and meter readings taken when required.

Inspection reports

A detailed report of our property inspection, will be submitted to you within 24 hours of completion and will often contain a photographic record of the visit. The date and time of all inspections are electronically recorded and submitted to you on a monthly basis.