Security Keyholding Ltd

Tel (24/7): 0333 207 0880

Calling all landlords

Security Keyholding provides a comprehensive range of keyholding and support services for private landlords and sheltered housing schemes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We pride ourselves on being able to provided a workable solution to customers needs.  Contact us today to find out what more we can do for you.

Tenant lock outs

Why not secure a spare set of keys within our facility, so that in the event that a tenant locks themselves out, we can quickly attend at the premises and allow them access, whilst maintaining full control of your keys.

Contractor access

We can also work with your contractors to provide an open-up service for any scheduled works and return later to check and secure the property.

Help desk

Security Keyholding provides an out of hours 'help desk' for a number of commercial and private landlords.  Your contractor information can be held on our system and in accordance with your instructions, we can either forward tenant requests onto you, or we can instruct your contractors to contact your tenants direct.