Security Keyholding Ltd

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Mobile security patrols
the cost effective solution to man guarding

Security Keyholding Ltd can provide staggered patrols of your premises, in accordance with your detailed instructions. 

The amount of time a patrol officer spends on your site and the number of patrols you schedule, can be increased or decreased on a daily basis or as the threat arises.

Warning boards displaying our contact details are provided free of charge and can act as a deterrent between patrols, or as a point of contact for Local Authority and emergency services.

Contractor access

As your key holders, we can also provide out of hours access for your contractors, returning to check and lock down the premises by appointment, or remain on site to supervise their activities.

Open up or lock down

Security Keyholding Ltd can schedule the opening up or locking down of your premises.  

A full and detailed check will be made to insure that all staff/visitors have left site, all windows and doors are secure, all toilets and wash stations are free from leaks, before turning off all unnecessary lights and setting the alarm on exit.

Returning to site to respond to any alarm activations if required.

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