Security Keyholding Ltd

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Secure keyholding

Security Keyholding Ltd operates strictly in accordance with BS 7984-1:2016 (Keyholding and response service - Code of practice).  This details the manner in which we must collect, store and maintain your keys, together with their safe return.

Your keys (with no other information) are stored within a sealed numbered pouch.  This key pouch is then stored within our secure facility.  Detailed customer information is maintained throughout the agreement period and reviewed every 6 months.

Keyholding / Response Charges

Commercial £250.00 + VAT, per annum

£35.00 + VAT (Inclusive first 1 hour on site)
£25.00 + VAT, per hour thereafter

Tracking your keys

In the event of an alarm activation, or other incident requiring a keyholder's attendance at your premises, your keys will be removed from storage and issued to a response officer.  

Your keys are then tracked throughout the call out period and quickly returned to our secure facility, once there the keys will be checked, resealed and returned to safe storage. 


As you would expect; the Company has specialist insurance cover in place to cover the risk of any loss of keys and consequential loss thereafter.  A copy of our Policy documents are available to view on our documents page.

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Security keyholding keys sealed in secure pouch