Security Keyholding Ltd

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For customers who simply require the facility to secure a spare set of keys for their home, office, or car, so that in the event that your keys are lost or stolen, or you lock yourself out - it does happen, you can either;


As part of our patrol services, Security Keyholding can provide you with internal or external patrols of your property, when you are holidaying or working away from home.

Thieves have been discovered marking properties, in an attempt to monitor the owners movements.  

To counteract this, we can provide you with day time checks to clear all junk mail, check for property marking, return wheelie bins to drives, etc, before entering the property to check for water or gas leaks, open or close curtains, turn on or off lights, etc, even feed the fish!

Home access

As your key holders, we can also provide a range of support services during the day, that means you'll never need to take time off from work to receive deliveries or allow tradesmen supervised access to your property.

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Row of terraced Victorian red brick house with white painted sections

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