Security Keyholding Ltd

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supporting local residents

for over 23 years, Security Keyholding has been providing keyholding and alarm response services, for a large number of home owners within the London Boroughs of

Bexley, Bromley, Greenwich and Lewisham

BS 7984-1:2016 (Keyholding and response service - Code of practice)

this standard details the manner in which we must collect, store and maintain your keys, together with their safe return.

to set up the service

simply contact us > arrange a suitable site visit > we collect and test your keys > issue a key receipt > set up the assignment instructions > update your alarm engineers > ready to go!

your keys (with no other information) are then stored within a sealed numbered pouch. This key pouch is then stored within our secure facility. Detailed customer information is maintained throughout the agreement period and reviewed every 6 months.

residential KeyStore

if you don't require an alarm response, why not secure a spare set of keys within our facility, so that in the event that you lose your keys, or you lock yourself out of the property - simply contact us 24/7 and arrange to collect your keys or have us return them to you quickly.

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